Surface characterization of thin films and coatings

When: Thursday, February 25th, 2021 | 2:00 – 4:00 pm CET

Thin films and coatings are used for many purposes and in a variety of industries such as micro-electronics, displays, food packaging, and biocompatible coatings on metallic implants. The performance of thin films is influenced by their thickness, uniformity, roughness and mechanical properties (including stress, adhesion & friction). Bruker offers several solutions that are ideal for the characterization of thin films and coatings.

This Surface Lab session will include short live demonstrations, will address common questions in this field and provide an insight into the characterization methods available.


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02:00 Welcome & Introduction

  • An overview of Bruker’s methods for characterizing the morphology and physical properties of thin films and coatings (Dr. Peter De Wolf, Worldwide Application Director)

02:10 Measurement of the roughness and waviness of thick films and coatings

  • Talk and live demo (Dr. Mickael Febvre, Application Manager)

02:30 Highest resolution characterization of thin films and coatings, topography and advanced physical properties. Mechanical, electrical and thermal properties: An introduction to chemical identification

  • Talk and live demo (Dr. Vishal Panchal, Application Scientist)


02:55 Break


03:05 Mechanical characterization of thin films and coatings

  • Talk and live demo (Dr. Michel Fajfrowski, Application Scientist)

03:30 How fragile is my coating? Tribological testing of coated surfaces

  • Talk and live demo (Dr. Udo Volz, Application Scientist)

03:55 Closing (Dr. Peter De Wolf)


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