Advancements in Operando NMR Analysis of Lithium-Ion Batteries

21. února, 2024


Electrochemical processes in a Li|LiPF6|LFP cell have been explored applying novel solid-state NMR technologies. Industry, Academia, and Technology partners are joining efforts to demonstrate the high potential of this approach for use in the energy storage industry.
Join Dragonfly Energy, Darmstadt Technical University, ePROBE and BRUKER BioSpin as they discuss about an experimental procedure for routine application of in-situ Solid-State NMR for battery research and manufacturing.

Webinar Overview

Lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) have been commercialized for 30 years and have made significant progress in high-power density, cycling life, and charging conditions. LIBs are used in portable digital devices, electric vehicles, and stationary energy storage. McKinsey predicts a huge rise of the global LIB demand over the next decade. Despite their outstanding properties, LIB technologies still face challenges in safety concerns, lifespan, energy density, costs, and environmental sustainability. 

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