WEBINAR: NMR Spectroscopy in RNA Drug Discovery

30. ledna, 2024

Webinar Overview

RNA participates in all the aspects of the cell life cycle, and often mis-regulation leads to disease. Recent advances in understanding of RNA biochemistry, structure and dynamics have revealed the importance of RNA structure in cellular processes and disease. NMR spectroscopy is a unique and powerful technique that is suitable for characterizing various aspects of RNA and small molecule in early stage of drug discovery.

This presentation will overview the versatile roles of NMR spectroscopy in RNA drug discovery for providing the structural basis for the rational drug design. Advanced techniques for simplifying crowded spectra of large RNAs will be discussed. A disease-related RNA and small molecule structural study will be included as an example to elaborate how NMR techniques are employed to tackle challenges in drug discovery.

Tuesday, 30 January 2024, 17:00 CET


Key Learning Topics

  • NMR in RNA target characterization
  • NMR in RNA structure determination
  • NMR in RNA-small molecule engagement
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