Characterization of a non-stoichiometric hydrate (active) in low dose capsules with ssNMR

5. dubna, 2024

Webinar Overview

Solid-state NMR is a powerful and sensitive analytical tool for directly characterizing active pharmaceutical ingredients in a drug product without interference from excipients. This work focuses on identifying the hydration state in a non-stochiometric hydrate in a 1% drug load capsule formulation using 19F ssNMR with other characterization techniques.

Determination of the water content in a non-stoichiometric hydrate(NSH), when present in a formulation, is extremely important due to physico-chemical and content uniformity issues potentially caused by the variability in the lattice water content, which changes with external RH. ssNMR was used to identify the hydration state in one such NSH (active) formulated as a 1% drug load capsule since this technique bypasses interference from formulation excipients. Using the changes in peak shifts observed in the 0-100% RH range, 19F ssNMR could successfully determine the lattice water content (0-0.85 moles) in NSH in the drug product.

Key Learning Topics

  • Characterization of non-stoichiometric hydrates in low dose formulation
  • Solid-state NMR analysis of state of hydration of an active in a 1% drug loaded capsule
  • Correlation of peak shift changes in 19F ssNMR with changes in lattice water content as a function of RH

What To Expect

This presentation focuses on the utility of ssNMR in successfully determining the state of hydration in a non-stoichometric hydrate formulated as a capsule with an extremely low drug load (1%) in the 0-100% RH range, by utilizing changes in peak shifts as a function of RH.

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