About us

Who we are

We are a Moravian company, which has been already for more than 10 years suppling cutting-edge measurement instruments of renown manufacturers for Czech and Slovak market. We offer also user support, training and service.

About us

Measurement technic - Moravia
has been founded in 2009, at the time as the exclusive supplier of Veeco Instruments products. As time went, we launched cooperation with other companies – Sentech, Bestec, Technoteam, etc. After Bruker company has acquired Veeco Instruments, we had become distributors of Bruker division Nano. Nowadays, we supply also instruments from divisions ASX (X-ray instruments) Fluorescence microscopy and BioSpin (magnetic resonance). Since 2014, we heve been located in a new building in Zastávka u Brna. Currently, our team consists of more than ten people, including few in-house and external service technicians, who provide service for majority of our instrument portfolio.


Our vision

The priority for us, is to build business relations based on long-term trust between us and our customers. We want to develop reputation of relivable and competent partner among both academic and industrial partners and from this position to become leading local supplier of measurement instruments for Czech Republic and Slovakia. We don’t offer just the instruments but also reliable support, training and service.




We are still trying to improve and get closer to the goals of our vision.Thanks to this, in 2021 we obtained the ISO 9001: 2016 certificate, which confirms the fulfillment of quality management according to this standard for the fields of supply of laboratory instruments, support, training and service.



Generátor vyšších harmonických frekvencí HIRO


Měřicí technika Morava s.r.o, Babická 619, 664 84 Zastávka u Brna, Česká republika

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